I, the parent / guardian * of the above player give my consent to their membership of the Club and declare that:

a. The player will participate in the activities of the Club at their own risk

b. Neither myself, nor the player will hold the Club or any of its members or officers liable for:

(i) Any injury suffered by the player or by any other person; or

(ii) Any loss of, or damage to, any of the player’s or any other person’s property, in connection with the player’s participation in the activities of the Club

c. The above information is true and accurate

d. The player will abide by the constitution of the Club and any bye-laws, rules or regulations issued by the Club from time to time

e. At Club training and events the Club attend, a parent / guardian will be present or will arrange with the parent / guardian of another player to be responsible for the player

f. The player acknowledges that the Club recommends the use of a mouth guard at all time

g. I agree that the club will use information provided in accordance with prevailing regulations on data protection & usage in Malaysia